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24G is a team of 80+ programmers, designers, and creative minds that create and build software and digital solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands.


Live Experiential Events

The Biggest Stages

Superbowl. CES. NCAA Final Four. World Cup. International Auto Shows. We create impactful digital experiences for our clients, their brands, and their customers. Here's one example we created for HBO for their Game of Thrones launch at SXSW.


Memorable Digital Experiences

Hundreds of clients have used our Timesplice™ rig, and now we're inserting Augmented Reality 3D characters/logos into the picture, like we did at Blizzcon. We create simple photo sharing as well: pictures, GIFs, or videos. Our point is to always give people an experience they can't get anywhere else.


Interactive Installations

Many of our customers work directly with exhibit companies that can build an installation, but they don't have the chops to integrate the digital components. That's where 24G comes in. We build the tools to make displays smart, interactive, and socially connected.


CrowdPlay 24G

24G's proprietary mobile gaming platform, CrowdPlay 24G, is designed for 5 to 50,000. At major events, on a trade show floor, or coming soon to a stadium near you, we can create simple gaming interactives that engage and track your target audiences.



Our team combines physical elements with digital capabilities to create phygital activations. Whether it's using a Whack-a-Mole game to demonstrate cloud servers, interactive scales tracking recyclables, or building our own software to run the scoring and tracking in our 10-lane bowling alley, we make magic happen for you and your clients.


Snapchat Scavenger Hunt

Today's under-25 target market uses Snapchat more than any other social media platform. 24G has developed a gaming system that allows brands to engage with Snapchat and track their connections for a modern digital experience.


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Process Improvement Tools

Amazon Marketing Services

Your cheese has moved, and it's for sale on Amazon. You need the experts to help you sell more. When to buy ads and at what price. When to offer specials. How to showcase your products. That's 24G's Amazon Marketing Services team. If you're looking for magazine or outdoor ad help, keep looking.


Process and Training Tools

Our platform of tools is used by multiple Fortune 500 companies to help track people, products, and processes. Tested. Trusted. Trackable. And, most importantly, effective.

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Tracking & Analytics

Social Gen™

24G has the ability to track social sharing content using our Social Gen™ software platform for all of our live events. We can see where consumers have shared their content and provide details on who and how many people it has reached.

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Creative Services

Artificial Intelligence

Whether it's our own Moodbot, Amazon Alexa skills, or executions at events that integrate the latest Artificial Intelligence platforms, we can help advise and guide how, where, and what AI can do to make your thinking smarter.

Virtual Reality/
Augmented Reality

Are you thinking of using Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality? 24G understands what works and what doesn't. We built experiences for brands at events like CES, but we immediately recognized a huge flaw in using VR for BtoC live experiences. We are currently researching a new technique called CrowdVR. Check out our short video to see more.


Corporate Gamification

24G works with large corporations that need to train, energize, and motivate sales teams, franchise locations, and regional/area offices. Like our VW Cup, possibly the largest gaming platform ever implemented for long-term tracking and monitoring of training.

Knack: A Digital Planogram Tool

Need a modern software solution to help you organize stocking and displaying content? Try Knack. Knack is 24G’s Digital Planogram Tool that gives corporate users the ability to prescribe stocking, merchandise displays, seasonal ordering, and more. Knack all of your remote locations right from your corporate office.

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Research & Development


How is your internal employee environment? Meet Moodbot. It's our own heuristic tool for gauging employee welfare. Moodbot is still in development phase, but it uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize trends and issues in the workplace before they get too hot.


AR, VR, AI, facial recognition, Arduinos. How is it integrated? We are testing these technologies so we know what works best for you, your clients, and your customers.

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NAIAS Report

Check out our extensive analysis of the digital interactives for the 2018 North American International Auto Show.

Read the report

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Platforms that Empower

Our platform of tools is used by multiple Fortune 500 companies to help track people, products, and processes.
Tested. Trusted. Trackable. And, most importantly, effective.


No App Required

CrowdPlay is a multiplayer game engine that helps brands share their story and engage audiences, large and small, at live events through the power of play. The best part — no app download required. Just go to your branded site and play.

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Powering Live Events

Thread360™ is our set of live and online tools to help create impactful BtoB or BtoC digital experiences. Like a fine weave, our various tools and resources can be woven into your existing fabric to help agencies and brands bring ideas and concepts to life.


Powering Process Improvement

Track360™ is our proprietary platform to create modules and software that help companies communicate and track their people, products, and processes. There are more than 70 modules that can be spun up to service clients’ needs for communicating, remote optics, reporting, and merging multiple feeds to create useable, trackable processes.

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24G Marketing Services

Amazon Experts

Your cheese has moved, and it’s for sale on Amazon. You need the experts to help you sell more. When to buy ads and at what price. When to offer specials. How to showcase your products. That’s 24G’s Amazon Marketing Services team. If you’re looking for magazine or outdoor ad help, keep looking.

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We pride ourselves as The Digital Experience Agency because while other companies do some of what we do, nobody combines the depth of digital experiences in live events, with internal audiences,
or solving corporate software challenges like 24G.

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